Catherine Bush

October 13, 2017

The house

Here’s the house on Fogo Island where I’ve spent time over the last five summers writing my new novel, Elemental. Reardon House stands on its own in a field just outside the village of Tilting, at the far end of  the island, facing the waters of Sandy Cove. From the back door you can look out to sea where the cold waters of the Labrador current slide by and waves crash in a milky froth when they reach the shore. The first time I stepped into the house, now used by the Tilting Culture and Recreation Society for their artists’ residency program, I knew that it was where the characters in my novel needed to live, under that big sky, the fierce wind all around them.

A really attractive view of the horizon

(photo credit: Paddy Barry)

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“Fairy tales are almost always the stories of the powerless, of youngest sons, abandoned children, orphans.... Fairy tales are children's stories not in who they were made for but in their focus on the early stages of life, when others have power over you and you have power over no one.”

— Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby